We Stop Your Foreclosure Sale (Trustee Sale)

The news is full of stories of banks wrongfully foreclosing on homeowners. Mortgage Lenders and Trustees have laws and procedures they must follow to validly foreclose and take someone’s home. Yet everyday homes are improperly and illegally foreclosed upon. That is where we come in. WE STOP FORECLOSURE SALES!

Lenders use “trustees” to assist them in a foreclosure. Called a Trustee Sale, trustees, acting for the lender, sends out a Notice of Default and later a Notice of Trustee Sale and eventually sells the home at auction. Either the bank takes the home back in their inventory or the home is sold to the highest bidder at the auction. The homeowner just lost their home.

However, trustees can be held liable for improperly foreclosing upon a home. Our law firm, using Federal Law, contacts the trustee and DEMANDS the trustee to verify a comprehensive list of issues related to the legal nature of the foreclosure proceedings enacted by the lender and the trustee. Trustees do not want to be held liable for wrongful foreclosure. Trustees will not foreclose on the property if there is a potential violation pointed out to them prior to the Foreclosure Auction Sale Date. Trustees are incredibly busy and generating huge profits so they will continually postpone the sale date with adequate time to research and respond to the issues raised by your law firm on law firm letterhead to protect themselves.

Our demands postpone your Trustee Sale date, stop the auction and keep you in your home.

You do not pay our fees until after we postpone the Sale.

Our clients are those denied a loan modification, denied a short sale or are simply those who have a Trustee Sale tomorrow and would rather stay in their home longer.

Often our clients go on to negotiate a loan modification or a short sale with the extra time we provide.

You do not have to occupy the home

You do not have to file bankruptcy.

We stop sales. Call us at 888-211-3316888-211-3316 and we will Stop Your Sale.

California Foreclosure Postponement

In California, foreclosure sales (auctions) can be postponed for up to one year per CA Civil Code 2924 g (c)(2). The postponement reasons are outlined in 2924 g (c) (1), but the following names are commonly used at the Trustee Sale.

  1. Mutual Agreement
  2. Bankruptcy
  3. Beneficiary’s Request
  4. Operation of Law (Court Order)